Line Symmetry in Sea Life

axis of symmetry
A Shark’s Axis of Symmetry
Everywhere you look under the ocean you will find examples of reflectional symmetry. Fish, stingray, shellfish, whales and sharks all have this type of symmetry.

Question – Why might symmetry be so important to underwater animals?

symmetry and sea life

Symmetry and Sea Life

Think of it this way… What would happen to the animal’s ability to swim efficiently (well) if one side of its body was a very different shape to the other?
Imagine what would happen if water flowed unevenly around the body? This will give you a clue as to why so many underwater animals have bilateral symmetry.
What the Ninjas Say:
Ninja One – If a shark had one fin shorter than the other it would not swim very well.
Ninja Two – If one side of the tail was bigger than the other the shark would be lopsided and not swim well.
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