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What is Symmetry?

A shape has line symmetry when one half of it is the mirror image of the other half.

What is Symmetry?
What is Symmetry?

All About Symmetry

Ninja One – ‘The blue line you can see is called the Line of Symmetry’
Ninja Two – ‘The line of symmetry divides the subject into two identical pieces’

 Symmetry in the Animal World

Many people see line symmetry as a thing of beauty but in the animal kingdom it is much more… it ensures species survive. 

Butterflies <br>& Symmetry
& Symmetry

Explore Line Symmetry in the Body Shape & Colors of a Butterfly

Insects <br>& Symmetry
Other Insects
& Symmetry

Check Out Bi-lateral Symmetry in Insects using this Lesson

 Arachnids &      Symmetry
& Symmetry

Investigate Line Symmetry as one side being the Mirror Image of the Other

Symmetry & Sea Life
& Sea Life

Analyze the Reflectional Symmetry
of Some forms of Undersea Life

Symmetry & Reptiles
& Reptiles

What is the ‘Fold Test’? A Simple
Technique for Discovering Symmetry

Amphibians & Symmetry
& Symmetry

What is Forehead to Chin
& Nose to Tail Symmetry?

 Dinosaurs & Symmetry
& Line Symmetry

What are Some Reasons for
Dinosaurs having Symmetry?

Symmetry & the Mega Fauna
Bi-lateral Symmetry
& the Mega Fauna

What is Megafauna? Why might Symmetry is important to them?

Birds & Symmetry
Birds & Symmetry
along the Midline

What is the midline?
Why is it important to birds?

Mammals & Symmetry

Mammals & There
Need of Symmetry

Three More Reasons Why Animals
Have an Axis of Symmetry.

<strong>Near Symmetry in<br>Human Beings</strong>

Near Symmetry in
Human Beings

On first glance humans look very
symmetrical but not all is as it appears

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