Line Symmetry in Dinosaurs

What is a Dinosaur?

Line of Symmetry Lesson - Dinosaurs

Reflectional Symmetry & the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were prehistoric reptiles that inhabited the Earth from about 255 million to 60 million years ago.

Why Did Dinosaurs Have Symmetry?

There are many reasons why animals have symmetry. Here are three reasons why dinosaurs had bi-lateral symmetry.

1. Gravity (Balance)

Gravity is a force which pulls objects towards the center of the Earth. If a dinosaur’s massive body was not symmetrical it would be unbalanced and topple over.

Gravity has played a major part in why so many animals have symmetry.

2. Ease of Movement (Locomotion)

Being symmetrical meant dinosaurs could move efficiently despite their size. This helped them catch prey, avoid predators &/or defend themselves.

3. Symmetry is in their Genes

From earliest times symmetry has been hard-wired into the genes of almost all creatures. Why? Because symmetrical animals tend to be successful. Nature passes the reasons for success on to the next generation e.g. it includes the code for bi-lateral symmetry in the DNA of a species.

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Teacher Stuff – Taking Dinosaurs Further:

By the time a child arrives at school many can name ‘popular’ dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus & Pterodactyl but we now know of more than 700 different types of dinosaurs. It can be enlightening to investigate and celebrate advances in the field of paleontology while at the same time discussing the symmetry found in each species.

Interesting Dinosaur Facts:

  • Did you know Australia had dinosaurs? The Muttaburrasaurus is one of the better known. Research how it was named?
  • Argentina’s Dreadnoughtus is thought to have been the largest dinosaur ever to have lived. Just how big was it?
  • The Pachycephalosaurus is also known as the ‘head-butting dinosaur’. How do we know it did this?