Line Symmetry in Dinosaurs

Line of Symmetry Lesson - Dinosaurs

Reflectional Symmetry & the Dinosaurs

What is a Dinosaur?

Dinosaurs were prehistoric reptiles that inhabited the Earth from about 255 million to 60 million years ago.

Why Did Dinosaurs Have Line Symmetry?

There are many reasons why animals have line symmetry. Here are just three…

1. All the Better to Balance With Without Symmetry Dinosaurs would Topple Over

Gravity is the invisible force which pulls objects towards the center of the Earth. If a dinosaur’s massive body was not symmetrical it would be unbalanced and topple over.

Adapting to gravity has played a major part in why so many animals have symmetry.

Symmetry in Dinosaurs - Protection2. All the Better to Move With

Being symmetrical meant dinosaurs could move well despite their massive size. Moving well helped dinosaurs catch prey, avoid predators &/or defend themselves.

3. Their Mum & Dad Gave it to Them 🙂 Symmetry in Dinosaurs

From earliest times symmetry has been hard-wired into the genes of animals. Why? Because symmetrical animals tend to be more successful at surviving. As a result of this ‘survival’, Nature passes the reasons for success to the offspring of these animals in their genes. 

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