Line Symmetry in Insects

What is bilateral symmetry?

Insects Have Bilateral Symmetry?

What is Bilateral Symmetry?

Bilateral Symmetry (bi=two & lateral =sides) is another name for Line Symmetry i.e. The left side of the animal is the mirror image of the right.

Examples of Symmetry in Insects

Insects have bilateral symmetry. Bees, house flies, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes and beetles all have one side of their bodies being mirror images of the other . Notice how the legs, antennae, head shape, thorax, eyes and wings are all reflections of each other across the line of symmetry.

What the Ninjas Say:

Ninja One – ‘Bilateral Symmetry is another way of saying Line of Symmetry’.
Ninja Two – ‘It means the left side is an EXACT reflection of the right side’

What is symmetry?

Symmetry of Insects

Nina Three – Line symmetry is all around us when we really start to look!

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