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Line Symmetry & the Megafauna

Symmetry in the Megafauna
Symmetry in the Megafauna

 After the extinction of the dinosaurs many animals evolved to be MASSIVE

What the Ninja’s Say

Ninja One – The word ‘megafauna’ means giant (mega) animal life (fauna)

Ninja Two
The diprotodon was a giant wombat. They became extinct about 25 000 years ago.

Symmetry Example - Megafauna

Giant Kangaroos & Wombats

 In what is now Australia, Giant wombats known as Diprotodons (di-proto-don) grew to be about 2 meters tall and 4 meters long. Giant kangaroos like the Procoptodon Goliah  also roamed the country.

Symmetry to the Front

 Most animals have nose to tail symmetry and chin to forehead symmetry . This is true for the megafauna also.

No animal has a second line of symmetry across their mid section from head to the tail. While there would be benefits for this, it is not the case.

Take some time to think about the positives and negatives of this.

Modern Megafauna Symmetry Example Hippo

Symmetry Example Elephant

 Giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus & whales are all examples of modern megafauna. .

Possible Research

See if you can find out what dinosaur and megafauna species roamed your area. 

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